Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Silly or what? Ebay vs. Google

Isn't this just silly:

EBay pulls ads from Google's U.S. ad network

I don't know too much of the context here, but just by looking at this article it seems like something is wrong about the age of the people that decide things on those companies...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sun, barbecue and flash face

In the end the weather forecast for yesterday was so static that I considered not very useful and quite time-consuming to enter it every day. The day was quite sunny with a high about 80˚F... Perfect barbecue weather. There were about 30-34 people here and quite a lot of food. The only thing that didn't quite work so well is that I was a little to quick on starting the charcoal grill and it ended up being a little too cold (the vegetarians/koshers were not very well fed from the grill).

Anyway, after a long night of sleep (I don't even know how many hours I slept last night... Something like 9, I think), I went around today looking for something interesting and found something that was quite intriguing to me:

Ultimate Flash Face

It's a "simple" (as a concept, quite complex implementation) flash website that allows you to create a face. So I've spent about 30 minutes trying to generate faces for people I knew from memory and... I wasn't able to! Probably it comes with the Y chromosome or something like that. Quite disappointing...

What is in for me today? Well, I have another party later in the day and some work to do. I also will try to go for a bike ride to try out my new bike, but I'm not sure this will actually happen. I don't know if I'll have time for it.